Playground Plus v1.0.12
A fully functional and freely downloadable multi-user realtime elsewhere-too talk server for UNIX

What is Playground Plus?

Playground Plus is a multi user realtime elsewhere-too talk server written in C for UNIX. Its multi-user because it allows hundreds of people to connect to it at the same time, realtime because if you send a message to another person connected to the system then they'll see it instantly and elsewhere-too because its code is based on the elsewhere-too (ewtoo) system which was developed by Simon Marsh.

Playground Plus is actually a bug fixed and updated version of Playground 96 (written by Mike Bourdaa, Chris Allegretta, Hans Peterson and Valerie Kelly) and was developed predominantly by Silver, phyphor and blimey.

GPL Re-licencing

An interest has been expressed by some coders to repease a version of PG+ under the GPL license, but some of the original or contributing authors are difficult/impossible to contact.

If you contributed code, and do NOT wish your contributed code to be released under the GPL, please post an objection to within 28 days. It will then be possible to remove that code which is obstructing the release.

If a person does not object within 28 days, but later objects, their code will similarly be removed, but we will be free of liability having made a full and reasonable effort to contact that person both directly, and through the main platform discussing the code in question. In that eventuality, we would make a best effort attempt to remove the infinging code within 28 days of receipt of an objection.

If you contributed code, and have NOT been contacted, but would like to give permission, please also email within 28 days.

[Dated: Friday 29 May, 2012]

Important information

Licencing - Please be aware that individuals are logging onto talkers pretending to be Silver and demanding that they gain administrator privs as per "the licence". Please be aware that the licence does NOT contain such a clause. Give administrators privs to only those people you trust and want to have that power. Do not be fooled by hoaxers.

Support - As of version 1.0.10, Playground Plus is no longer supported by any of the authors. This is because there is not enough free time available to be able to maintain and develop the code. However, following some well know exploits recently of a certain bug which should have been removed from the 1.0.10 package there has been a decision to produce one last update. See what Silver had to say about 1.0.10 here and his followup on v1.0.11 here.

With time passing and a new breed of coders coming to play Griff (Daniel Griffiths) Decided it was time to release a version of the code which would work on newer kernels and newer GCC's and also be able to run on newer processors including 64Bit processes, along the way Griff was helped by several influential coders who have contributed code to the project including:
Segtor's Lotto Code, Lokie's Updated Channel Code, Lokie's Updated output system, Mud Client Compression Support Protocol 2 (Lokie), Dynamic Config system (Lokie), Boingy (Griff), Broadcast (Griff) and much more which can be found in the version command We are however looking at releasing an updated code_library for everyone to be able to download further code addon's but for the time being please enjoy the wonderful new features that have been built by Segtor (Mikael Segercrantz), Lokie (Anthony McDonald), Beaver (David Etheridge). and Griff (Daniel Griffiths).

We hope you all enjoy the latest addition to the Playground Plus Code release 1.0.12


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